Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leaders Election Speeches

Khadeeja Shahid- Hey its Khadeeja and I want to be your Leaders Vice-President for 09-10. I feel that as a member of the Leaders Organization I need to be more involved and contribute my ideas and hard working personality and work ethic to this organization.

Anisah Anif- H, my name is Anisah Anif and I am running to be Leader's Secretary. In my senior year I will be able to devote my time to making the Leaders Organization more efficient as well as an exciting experience for Leaders. I can ensure you that as Secretary I will keep all my fellow Leaders in mind as i advocate my ideas to the other board members. If an exciting year is what you want, then please vote for me. Thank you and don't forget to vote ... for me.

Ysely Gutierrez- Hi my name is Ysely Gutierrez I am 16 years old, I am a sophomore. I feel I should be in the governing board because I have lots of great ideas. As a sophomore i feel like i have enough years to change or try to change waht should be changed. And there for talk to the president and vice president and give them my idea. Don't forget vote for Ysely Gutierrez &hearts

Indra Nandalall- Being on the Leaders Board not only will bring Satisfaction but will make me strive to be the best that i can be. I will be able to accomplish so much, and will feel good knowing I am playing a big role in the school and my other fellow leaders. I will be determined to bring more enduring and fun actives that will persuade the other Leaders to accomplish. As a board member, I will be dedicated for the Leaders Organization to last for years to come. As a member , I will not only be among the board but i will be persistent and consistent to the job I'll hold.

Jason Ramdat- Hi, I am running for the position as Leaders President. I have been a member on the Leaders Board for a year now and I see what needs to be done next year to make the Leaders Organization to be on its top game. I will work in collaboration with the other board member to make the Organization run smoothly.

David Kisting- My Fellow Leaders: Today, the Leaders Organization stands at a crossroads. With membership dwindling and enthusiasm fading, we need new, exiting ideas to incite students to become leaders and reevaluate the effort we put into our activities. With a vast cornucopia of knowledge and fresh ideas, if elected onto the Leader's Governing Board I vow to give my all to coming up with exciting events for the Leaders Organization to do in the next decade. If elected, I hope to offer advice to any who need assistance, lead those who need leading, help those who need helping and do whatever possible to further our Organization into the next generation. I also hope to offer my services where they are required. Thank you very much, and please, do whatever you feel is best for our organization. Be it voting for me or not, I leave it up to you.
Giselle- Hi! My name is Giselle. I am running for Governing Board. This is going to be my last year in MVB and i would love to do as much as i can during it. I am a well dedicated student, and would love to be apart of the Leaders Organization Board. Vote for me and you wont regret it.

Harjit Kaur -Hello, my name is Harjit Kaur speaking to all Leaders of Martin Van Buren High School. I am running for the Governing Board which I know will be a great experience for me and my fellow students. I also hope to make a change for the school before I leave as a senior and I want to cherish every moment and I want to do that by helping our school year be more fun and memorable. If you guys vote for me am going to try my best to make a difference in the Leader’s Organization, and prove why I would be a great choice for the Leader’s Governing Board.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alumni Play Day

Alumni Play day is Back!- Its time to have some fun with the old leaders that graduated. If you haven't been to a Alumni play day you are missing out. We have games we play that its the Alumni vs. present leaders and lit. So don't miss it.
This was a great event! We all had lots of fun! A special thank you to Jodi Kaur for you donation. You can check of the pics on facebook.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thanksgiving lollipop!

Want to show thanks to a special teacher, Friend , or that special someone?
What a better way to do this then to send a thanksgiving card with a treat to them?
Well leaders will be selling these cards.
Each leader will sell ten cards. The cost of a card is $1. The cards would be delivered to recipient gym or health class.
How big is the lollipop and are they worth a dollar?
Well the $1 covers the card and the lollipop. The size of the eatable part of the lollipop is 2 inches. So yea its worth its money, some complain the lollipop was too big. Some said that it took three periods to eat, while other said it took them two days!
Good luck selling

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cookie Dough!

Are you ready to sell some delicious cookie dough?

Well get your game face on cause its back, Cookie Dough is on sale right now!

The sale items are all due Monday November 3, 2008

For each tub you sell you get around five dollars in fund raising towards your total fundraiser goal

If you like to participate the selling of this scrumptious treat please see Ms. Statelman for a booklet.

Hopefully you guys sell a lot

Gook Luck!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Community Service

Community Service

** Contracts are due on Oct 15th (see page 8 of handbook)
1. During a lunch period volunteer to assist with our school’s recycling program project (see Ms. Statelman to sign up)
2. Be a manger for a MVB sport team. You would help take out equipments, keep statistics, or any help the coach may need. ( See Ms. Statelman or a coach)
3.Participate in several of the Leaders Sponsored events.(See handbook)
4. Organize your own event( a canned food drive, a walk to help some organization, help feed the homeless at a soup kitchen)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Breast Cancer Walk

The walk will take place on Sunday October 19. At Queens Borough Hall.

We are meeting outside the c
ourt house steps at 10:30

The event begins at 11:00 am

PLEASE pick up your donation form ( if you walk a donation is expected, in addition donations are due to Ms. Statelman by OCT 17 (Fri)

** If you are walking with another organi
zation(Scholars , SO, Key Club, Etc) or family. Please meet at the steps to sign in so we know you are there and so you can get credit for participating.
** A donation is expected from all walker.